Thursday, September 27, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen random things about me!
1~ I LOVE the color pink!

2~ I run like a girl...go figure.

3~ I only play games I'm good at- like chicken foot or Mexican train (both games involving dominoes).

4~ I love having three boys and am actually hoping we'll have a fourth boy next time we have a child.

5~ I'm not sure yet if I ever want a girl. I can't even think of any girl names I like!

6~ My goal is to become a certified nurse midwife once my children are older.

7~ I think interior designing would be cool too.

8~ My first child was 11 1/2 pounds when born, my second was 10 1/2 pounds and our last was 8 1/2 pounds. They keep getting smaller- of course we keep taking them earlier...Jonathan was three weeks late, Austin was on his due date and Noah was three weeks early. My doctors are always so 'sure' I have gestational diabetes. They test me at least two times when I'm pregnant. The tests are always normal. Did I mention I gained at least 47 pounds with each of them?

9~ I'm scared of knives and would hate to die by being stabbed. I think that would be the worst.

10~ My father died of ALS when I was thirteen- it was a hard time in my life but it made me grow up allot in a short amount of time.

11~ I was married two weeks after I turned eighteen.

12~ I had our baby two months before I turned nineteen.

13~ My husband is 12 1/2 years older than me and I love it!

I thought I'd have a tough time thinking of thirteen things about me but I didn't. I actually thought of more, but I didn't want to bore you. :) I would love to hear of thirteen random things about you! Let me know if you ever do this!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I'm afraid I have been unlovable...

*Deleted all my whining!* I must have been PMSing! I don't want to hurt the feelings of the ones I love- they mean too much to me...

Wordless Wednesday!


This is what happens when you have bored boys and a mom busy talking on the phone...

Yes, that's a jacket on our living room fan. Sad thing is, it stayed there almost all afternoon until daddy came home and took it down.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

What a day!

I think it's just wrong that I'm just now sitting down to my cup of coffee and it's 2:30 p.m.! Just not right people!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Etsy shop!

I think I'm going to start my own Etsy shop. I have several handmade,unused diaper bags that are just 'sitting' in my closet right now. Plus, I would LOVE to make little girls dresses, skirts and jumpers. I don't have a girl so I never make anything 'girly' except for my sister's two girls. This way I can sew girly things and maybe make some spare money while doing it. Just a husband is in full support! He has actually been encouraging me to do something like this for awhile now. Let me know what you think! I'll let you know when 'my' shop is up and running! :) I need to get going- I have some major sewing to do!

What's happening...

Every time I try to add my music back on you can't see half my blog elements! So as of now- I haven't any music. :( I'll try to figure this out...

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Menu for the week.

Monday~ French toast and bacon (just the kids and I)

Tuesday~ Salmon (no, we haven't had this yet...Tim's been gone), rice and corn

Wednesday~ Chicken Patties, fresh fruit and French fries

Thursday~ Chicken and dumplings

Friday-Sunday~ Gone at a ladies retreat and at a home show with Tim

My grocery list:
Whole wheat bread
Texas Toast
Rice milk (Noah)
Cream of Tarter (ran out this week-go figure...)
Coffee creamer
Mac n' cheese (2)
Deli meat
Sliced colby jack cheese
Fruit (apples, bananas, grapes)
5 gallons water
Soup (for Tim's lunches)
Chicken patties

Friday, September 21, 2007

A house would be nice...

I have a prayer request. The request is for a house and my patience while waiting for a house. Tim and I are currently renting a two bedroom, top floor apartment and frankly, we need more room, a yard, a basement, and just a place of our own- remember we have boys. We are first time home buyers so Tim is wanting to take advantage of some of the first time home buyer programs. We have already attended a full day class in order to qualify for some of the loans. The class was for loans in the southern Wisconsin area. We are in northern Illinois area now. We were pretty much planning on moving in to Wisconsin because the real estate was a little bit cheaper, but we are not so sure now. We found out Wisconsin is allot harder on home schoolers. Not really anything major, it would just be more work on my part. The Lord has provided us our down payment months ago so it has just been sitting, waiting for us to use it on our much wanted home. We have one other little detail (that I won't get in to) to take care of in order to be able to get approved for a loan. We were already told we'd be approved except for this one thing we had to take care of. Unfortunately, my husband and I had nothing to do with this 'one thing'...totally long story! Anyway, our rent is up the beginning of December so we are really praying and hoping the Lord could work it out where we could get all our ducks in a row and go forward on a house. There are four homes we are pretty interested in. Three are in Wisconsin and one is here in Illinois. We would love to go see them, but we don't want to get the realtor's or our hopes up. I've really tried to just turn this over to the Lord and let him work out the details. I feel we are so close...just not quit there yet. Please pray that I will have patience in this area and trust that God will meet our needs and wants in his timing. I know I have never regretted waiting. So many times I have been so upset over not getting my way 'now' and then later found out why and how if I would've gotten what I wanted when I wanted it, it would've made our life more difficult. God knows our hearts desires and also knows our future and what it holds. He knows the 'perfect' time to give us a house and I trust he will make it happen when it's the right time. I guess until then I'll just keep praying and trusting...

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Our Home's Got Talent...

My boys are so silly...

Thankful Thursday...

I am very thankful for the wonderful husband God has given me. Sometimes I take him for granted but lately I have really begun to appreciate the man that he is. Almost every day I wake up to see that his Bible is on the counter in the spot where he eats his breakfast. This is a great encouragement to me. Not every woman has a man so eager to grow in his walk with the Lord. He is always trying to improve himself and be a better husband and father. He has very high standards and work ethics-something he hopes to pass down to his children. He loves me and the boys unconditionally and doesn't have a problem telling us how much we mean to him. I often feel I don't deserve this wonderful man, but I am thankful the Lord saw fit to join our lives. I grow more and more in love with this man every day!

Thank you Lord for my wonderful husband!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Nobody's looking...I think. This looks like fun!

Oops...I'm caught! Maybe if I smile she won't get mad...who can resist my cuteness?

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

School Time!

In his exact words, "what are you looking at?".

Thinking hard... that a rock in my washer?

I'll get to my title soon, but first I wanted to show you my new devotional book. I have been seriously needing to get consistent with my devotions again. This is sadly one of my downfalls- daily devotions. I pray all the time but I have always had a hard time setting aside 'my' quite time with Lord. My spiritual life has been lacking and it has really been eating at me. I knew I needed to get with the program and get serious about my walk with the Lord. It's always so amazing to me how my days run so much smoother when I have taken time to meditate on the Word. So here is the book I started today. It's called 'A Mom After God's Own Heart'. Boy, how I can apply the knowledge inside this book to my life! I read two chapters today- along with my Bible reading and praying. It's so nice to feel revived, alive and calm (scripture has such a calming effect on me) again! Pray that I can be consistent with my devotions from here on out.

Remember my post from a few days ago about my laundry? Well, look what I have in my living room again! I also have two more loads- one in the washer and one in the dryer. So, while I should be folding these...

This is really what I'd like to be doing- drinking a cup of tea and reading these...

Here is the reason for my title- discovering a push up pencil thingy and a rock in my washer last night. Hum...I wonder how that got there?!

I'm sure this won't be the last time...

Monday, September 17, 2007

Menu Plan...

Monday~ Deli Sandwiches, chips and fresh veggies

Tuesday~ Parmesan Chicken Bundles, green beans and rice

Wednesday~ Spaghetti and salad

Thursday~ Salmon, fried potatoes and corn

Friday~ Homemade pizza night

Saturday~ Date night at Chili's? I got a gift card from my secret pal...

Sunday~ Crock pot lemon garlic chicken, salad and rice

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Just one more thing...

Happy 80th Birthday Gramps!

Today we celebrated my Grandfather's 80th Birthday. I was excited to be able to celebrate yet another year of his life. He has been battling cancer now for approximately five years...give or take. He had colon cancer, had the surgery (to remove the cancerous parts), and then for a short time was cancer free (supposedly). It has come back now and he has chosen not to take chemo again. The doctor had told him that he thought it would possibly kill him if he went through it again anyway. So we are leaving it in the Lord's hands. He has also been having issues with anemia and they (the doctors) think he might have internal bleeding somewhere. He has had to undergo many blood transfusions- which he doesn't like...I don't blame him. He is also on oxygen now and has been since his last hospital stay. I cherish every time I see him and hope that we might have yet another year with him. Anyway...before I talk about the party I'll fill you in on our day leading up to the party. We left our house around ten because Tim had to pick up an air compressor he had in a building down by where we used to live. He dropped me and the boys off at my brother-in-law and sister-in-law's house while he went and did his thing. Unfortunately I didn't get to see my brother and sister-in-law, but I did get to see my in-laws and my nieces and nephews. Boy, I love those kids! The kids had a good time playing together. Here's pictures of my beautiful nieces and nephews.

This is T man...

This is 'Sis'...

This is 'Mister Drama King' (gotta love this kid)...

Lastly...the 'baby' with her grandma (and my dear mother-in-love)...

Pretty stickin' cute, huh?!
Tim picked us up at about 1:15 p.m. and we headed on over to Gramp's party. We arrived a little late which wasn't really a big deal. We had a great time visiting with relatives we haven't seen for awhile. I got to see two of my cousins from Texas. I think it's been about five years since I saw them last. We left around five got home around six thirty and then headed to Wal-Mart. We picked up what we needed and got home around eight thirty. It feels good to be home...even if it is only for a few hours...we have church tomorrow. Here are a few pictures of my Grandfather's party to
end my post for tonight. Hope you enjoy!

Grandpa and his 'candle'...

Me and my Grandpa...

Me, and my two beautiful cousins from the great state of Texas...and Grams...

My brother and his girl...

My boys about five minutes after leaving...

Lastly, a self-portrait of my hubby and me...

Friday, September 14, 2007

Happy Birthday to me, happy birthday to me!

Look what arrived at my house today! I was totally shocked! My first thought was that my wonderful husband had gotten them for me, but boy, was I surprised when I opened the card and it was from my mother, stepfather and sister! Yep, that's right, it 'is' my birthday today. I am the big '24' now. I'm feeling old(er), but still too young to have a five year old! My hubby balances me out- he's 36! :P Yes, there is a pretty good sized age gap between the two of us. I don't care though- I kind of like it that way! Well, without further ado- here is a picture of my beautiful boutique that my dear mother sent me- they are SO fragrant!

I honestly don't know why the picture is so grainy. I promise it didn't look like that before I posted it...

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Wow, what a day!

I can't believe everything I've accomplished today!::::Patting myself on the back:::: I really got allot done! This doesn't happen too often so I'm pretty happy with myself when I actually get done what I 'say' I'm going to get done. First off, I have been painstakingly customizing and getting this blog up and running. It's still not exactly how I want it, but it's close- all in good time. Anyway, this post is mainly for my friend Kari. She had posted about her laundry so I thought I'd show you a before and after picture of my couch. One with the couch full of clothes and one without the clothes. sure looked like more clothes in real life. I'd say there were about 6 to 8 loads there. It doesn't look like much, but trust me- it was. It took me about an hour to fold them all. Anyway, I finally got them put away after they (not me- even if I felt like it) were sitting on my couch for two days. My poor husband had to dig out of it everyday to get clean clothes. Maybe 'THAT' is why the pile is smaller...just a thought. So here's my 'before' and 'after' pictures.

Also, I got really busy and cleaned my sewing room a.k.a the corner of our bedroom. Now I know Kari will be totally aghast at the condition of my room. It was atrocious! Now granted- the before picture was soon after I'd pretty much went wild cleaning out everything in our closet. So now I have a neat and tidy sewing area and closet!

On top of all this I also deep cleaned both the bathrooms, did school with Jonathan, dealt with a fussy, teething baby and a hyper, weepy three year old. So needless to say my bed has been calling my name for awhile now....zzzz....oh sorry...I think I fell asleep for a minute... :)

Looking Out the Window


My First Post on My new blog!

I have a blog here.
I was having trouble customizing it so I decided to start a whole new blog! I will come back and post more, but for now I really need to get some stuff done around my house! I have been sitting at this computer for WAY too long! :) Introductions soon to come!