Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Wordless Wednesday...

Someone didn't get his way...

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tackle it Tuesday...

My tackle it Tuesday is putting clothes away! The boys currently have HUGE piles of clothing on their dressers. I need to get motivated and get it all put away, but I have to first buy the totes to put it all in! That's pretty much what is holding me up- I don't want to spend the money to buy the totes! =P I plan on getting them this week though. Their room looks like a tornado blew through it! It's pretty bad...anyway, here are some pictures to prove the disorganization of it all! Yikes!
* By the way- these are summer clothes that are too small for the boys. They're not piles of laundry that haven't been put away in their drawers. They are piles of clothes that need to be put away for the winter. I need totes to store them in (I don't have any)- that is why they are not put away (that and partially I'm lazy and too cheap to buy the totes)...sorry for not clarifying.=)*

Monday, October 29, 2007

A random post...

This is a post of complete randomness! My sister has been here since Friday and will be going home tomorrow. I have been enjoying my time with her and therefor have neglected my blog- sorry. =( I don't have the most exciting menu (I usually do a Monday menu plan...) for this week and so I was completely out of ideas for a post. So, I decided to do a short post of pictures. These were all taken at my sister, Courtnie's (Nomadic Mommy)baby shower for her new son (and my new nephew), Luke. Hope you enjoy and hopefully I'll have some better posts for later in the week! ;)

Courtnie and Luke in front of Luke's cake~

My sister Bethany (the sister that is staying with me), me and Chloe (my niece)~

Aleena (my cousin), Lauren (my brother's girlfriend) and Bethany having fun with the camera- they're Charlie's Angels! =P

Most of us girls (cousins) between my mom and her sister! We are actually missing the two youngest of my aunt's girls in this picture! There are 15 children (11 are girls) between the two of them (my mom and my aunt)! Yeah, you could call us a very 'fertile' family! =)

Bethany and her best friend and cousin, Aleena. They're so cute!

Well, that's all I have for today- well, at least it's 'something'! =)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thursday Thirteen...

My Thursday thirteen is on this- thirteen things I did yesterday.

1~ Woke up and fed the chillen' breakfast

2~ Put up a new post on my blog

3~ Did school with Jonathan

4~ Washed, dryed and folded a load of cloth diapers

5~ Showered and got ready

6~ Cut the boys hair

7~ Bathed the boys

8~ Fished poopie out of th bath water (don't ask...but it involves a 'very' regular baby)

9~ Went thrift store shopping

10~ Bought paint at Wal-mart for the house

11~ Dropped boys off at my brother-in-laws

12~ Picked Tim up at a customer's house about 1 1/2 hours away

13~ Bought and picked up a dining room set we got off Craigslist

Oops...that's all I can do! I did ALLOT more yesterday than that! I would probably need about ten more spaces! Oh well, you get the idea- it was CRAZY!!! I was running here, there, and everywhere! I also had to get gas two times, go to the bank two times, and pick up the hitch (for Tim's work trailer)at Tim's shop. Oh and we even got haggled by some lady trying to get money for a 'bus ride'?! It was a very interesting day! I'm looking forward to being home today...and maybe taking a nap?!

The dining room set we bought- we got a very good price for it! It is only 2 years old!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wordless Wednesday- Cloth diapering...

A (not so wordless) Wednesday picture tutorial of cloth diapering!

Take your pocket diaper...

Take one cloth diaper (bought from Wal-Mart) fold and use as soaker...

Insert the soaker in to the pocket in the diaper...

Fold back the extra soaker...

Put on wiggly, squirmy, won't hold still for you baby...(Obviously this is not the same diaper as pictured above. This one is way cooler- it has race cars on it!) =)

The back view...

Hope you enjoyed! Yes, I know Cassandra, you think I'm crazy! =P
(Yes, that is a patch of eczema on my babies arm...yes, I'm doing something about it...)

Monday, October 22, 2007

I'm overwhelmed...

I'm tired, cranky, and frankly, 'very' overwhelmed with life right now. I feel like I can't keep on top of everything a lately. Take today for instance- we never got around to doing school (which is honestly very rare)! Noah had a doctors appointment at 10:30 and then I ran errands after that. We didn't get home until 5:00 tonight! I was not in any mood to do school. I feel like I can't keep up with cleaning the house, doing laundry ( or more like- folding laundry), disciplining, cooking, budgeting our finances, meeting all my husbands needs, and doing school all at the same time. It's so hard to juggle everything and not let any of the balls fall. I'm tired of trying and I am overly frustrated right now. I feel like I'm failing. Here are just a few reasons why I'm feeling overwhelmed!

I have a sick baby. He has an ear infection and he is teething on top of it! Poor baby...poor me... =(

There is probably ten loads here. I have two more- one in the washer and one in the dryer. Sometimes I wish we could all just go naked! No more laundry-wa-ho! Okay... so maybe not the best idea... ;P

Monday menu plan...

This week I don't have anything that exciting on our menu. We have had a 'very' expensive month so far between our trip, the deposit for the house (yes, we signed the lease- yesterday), and making up Noah's cloth diapers (its expensive to get started- I won't lie). We'll be pretty tight until our next paycheck. Yes, you will see repeats from last week. We didn't eat all the meals I had planned last week. Tim was gone quit a bit so the boys and I mostly ate stuff like sandwiches, cereal, or mac n' cheese most nights. So here it is~

Monday~ Chicken Stroganoff and a vegetable

Tuesday~ Sausage biscuits and gravy (made with turkey sausage)

Wednesday~ Skillet meal with French bread

Thursday~ Salmon and fried potatoes

Friday~ Cheesy turkey meatloaf, rice and green beans

Saturday~ Helping Tim's parents move- this one is 'up in the air'

Sunday~ Grilled Cheese and tomato soup

I will most likely switch these meals around a bit- I'll probably make whatever I'm in the mood for. =P This is the basic idea though...

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Thursday Thirteen...

I thought I'd do my Thursday Thirteen on thirteen things I do for a hobby and/or relaxation.

1~ I LOVE movies! Old, new, romantic, comedy, thriller, action...anything! My husband and I watch allot of movies. Yes, we are careful about content and we also have a TV guardian to cut out any profanity.

2~ Traveling with my hubby. Even if this means just going to a home show with him and spending our whole day sitting in the booth...pretty much doing...well, nothing.

3~ Browsing the internet and reading others blogs. Some people lead some interesting lives. =)

4~ Sipping a cup of steaming hot tea.

5~ Making chocolate chip cookies and eating some of the dough.

6~ Reading a Martha Stewart magazine or some kind of 'food' magazine.

7~ Reading a cookbook.

8~ Sewing- I have fallen in love with sewing cloth diapers- it is (honestly) SO much fun! I also love sewing personalized diaper bags and 'girly' things for my nieces.

9~ Decorating and being creative with my decorating.

10~ Giving a room a fresh coat of paint and loving the clean,warm, and homey feeling it gives the room.

11~ Scrapbooking-this is so relaxing to me and unfortunately I haven't had any space to do this more. Luckily, the house we might be renting has an extra room I could use for sewing and scrapbooking.

12~ Spending time with family- my mom, stepfather, sisters, brother, nieces, nephews, and my hubby's family.

13~ Bargain hunting- be it by internet, garage sales, thrift stores or clearance racks at department stores. I love finding good deals or steals! It just makes me happy! =)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I got a new blinkie!

Did you notice my new blinkie- the Cloth Diaper Momma one? Yep, that's right- I'm officially a new cloth diapering momma. Well, I don't wear the diapers- Noah does, but you get what I'm trying to say, right? I finally got my PUL fabric and pattern in Monday. I got around to making a few today and tried one out on Noah. He had it on for about three hours and there was no leakage! Wa-ho! I am pretty excited. I can whip a diaper up in about twenty minutes. They are very easy to make. I use one layer PUL fabric (the outer layer), one layer of anti-pill fleece (the inner layer) and I use the Gerber cloth three fold diapers as the soaker. Pretty cool...anyway, I wish I could share some pictures, but unfortunately I can't find my camera charger anywhere and my cameras battery is dead. =( No more expensive disposable diapers for this momma! By the way, I am mainly doing cloth diapers to save gobs of money... ;)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Wordless Wednesday- Fun in the Toilet

That is a brown hair clip (honestly) in the toilet- in case you were wondering... =)

Oh, and yes he got a bath right after these pictures were taken. He is such a little stinker!

An answer to prayer?!

*This post is mostly for my sisters and mother who read my blog...* =)
Tim and I have been throwing the idea around of buying a house this year once our lease was up. We looked at a few houses that we absolutely fell in love with but for some reason the Lord kept shutting the doors. So I (and Tim) resolved to the fact that we would either have to rent our apartment again or try to find a townhome or duplex to rent. I didn't even consider a house because in the area we are in the rent prices for houses are just way too high! I was at peace with our decision to just wait. Well, Sunday night I decided to check out the local newspaper for a town ten minutes north of us (crossing in to Wisconsin...). I couldn't believe the adds for 3 bedroom houses! Of course, you have to consider that some parts of this town are well...umm...let's just say...ghetto...okay, so not that bad, but close. Other parts of the town are gorgeous- it's the strangest thing. It's so extreme. So anyway, Monday I took down the addresses, ran mapquest, packed the kiddos in the car and headed out to drive past them to see what areas they were in before wasting our time setting up an appointment to see the inside. Well, the first one was just o.k.- something I could live with but I wasn't overly thrilled with the location...busy road. The next three were in 'questionable' areas. I wasn't going to even waste my time. I then drove to my last destination spot, and I saw it! The house. It was about as nice as you can get for what we are paying and the area is one of the nicest streets in the town. I was psyched! I called Tim and told him to call NOW and set the appointment up to see the inside! We went through it today and even though it isn't exactly what we would want in a home (to buy) it will definitely work. It needs new paint and the carpets need cleaning, but the owner said he was going to take care of all that before we moved in. He even said I could chose the paint colors- wa-ho! Did I mention it has a yard with a nice wood swingset, a clean basement, and a nice yard with mature trees and a working wood FIREPLACE?!!!! I'm a little excited about the fireplace- I know I'm weird. Anyway, I think this might be an answer to our prayers. We filled out an application form tonight and he'll be getting back to us this week. He said he was pretty sure it would be a go. He said he felt really good about us...if he only knew...! =P So, without further ado here is a picture of the outside of the house- can't you just picture icicle lights and a Christmas wreath hanging on the door? =)

One of those days...

It's been one of those days where frankly- I don't know if I'm cut out for this whole 'mom' thing! I woke up early today because I wanted to start my day out right. I had an hour to myself to have a cup of coffee, browse the internet and do my devotions. My day was going pretty well until my three little kiddos woke up at 6:55 a.m. Noah woke up soaked from head to toe- I bought the cheap diapers (to hold us over) because I was hoping to have gotten my fabric by now to make him his new cloth diapers. I had just put new sheets on his mattress last night. Now there in the wash again. Austin woke up clingy and crabby because believe it or not, he is STILL cutting his two year molars...he's three and still teething...grrr! Jonathan was just being Jonathan- begging for food or drink every two minutes. My dishwasher STILL did not get my dishes clean- this was the second time I've ran the same load! I washed our breakfast dishes by hand- I can't stand emptying the dishwasher! I have rescued Noah from swallowing numerous small objects- thus saving his life about twenty times! I then proceeded in starting school with Jonathan. That's when I lost it! I have been having him read me words and he refuses to look at the words while 'reading'. He thinks he has to look at my face. He also thinks I should just give him the answers- not a chance buddy! The moment something gets 'tough' his dramatic side starts showing. He complains that his head hurts, that I'm scaring him (I'll show you SCARY...), or that he is hot. These are the days when I feel like giving up and just sending him to school. Let someone else teach him to read. I could then sit at home and do nothing (yeah- that's going to happen with two other kids...). Yes, sometimes sending him to school on a bus sounds like a really good idea! I won't though. I'm just too darn stubborn! He will learn how to read and I will teach him- whether he likes it or not! So even though I look like the woman (minus the girl and plus a boy) in the above picture some (most) days- I do know that (hopefully) tomorrow will be a better day. Oh, how I wish I had the patience of Job!

~We are done with school and I've gotten my shower-all is well.~

Monday, October 15, 2007

This is my first time doing Monday meanderings! I hope I can follow it this week! =) To find more Monday Meanderings or Monday Meals Plans go to Tiany's site!

Daily Devotions/ Bible Study~ Continue reading through my book A Mom After God's Own Heart and reading through my Bible. I need to also devote at least 20 to 30 minutes to this- my 'quite' time (Bible reading and prayer).

Must do~ Clean out the boy's bedroom! Put winter clothes away and clean out from under their beds. I also need to go 'house' hunting, finish sewing a diaper bag, and start sewing Noah's cloth diapers. Homeschooling Jonathan is a give in...

Zone~ If this means where I'm going to spend most of my time it would probably be the boy's room and my sewing 'corner'.

Train them up~ Continue working on the boy's memory verses for the week. Wednesday's come fast! I enjoy the push (for me) to spend 10 to 15 minutes a day with them on studying God's Word. We've really enjoyed the Awana program this year! We will also continue to keep taking prayer requests every night and praying for our sick or unsaved loved ones.

Monday~ Chicken stroganoff with noodles

Tuesday~ Turkey Meatloaf, fried potatoes, asparagus

Wednesday~ Frozen skillet meal, french bread (church- we've got to make it easy) =)

Thursday~ Beef stew, bread

Friday~ Cheddar potatoe soup, bread

Saturday~ Pizza Night (for the guys- I have my sister's baby shower)

Sunday~ Deli sandwiches, chips

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Where have I been?!

If you have been wondering where I have been the answer is simple- here...well, kinda. I have been busy doing a little of this-

That's right- I've been sewing! I have a diaper bag I need to finish for a friend- a 'paying' friend. They're the best aren't they? ;) Unfortunately, I haven't been able to really get going on it like I usually do when I start a project. Too many interruptions...hmmm...I wonder why? My kids are perfect I don't know what my excuse is... Anyway, I'll post a picture of the finished diaper bag next week some time. I have also been cleaning out my kids drawers and putting away the summer clothes and bringing in the winter clothes. It's a chore let me tell ya! My kids have WAY too many clothes! It's all those garage sales I hit in the summer. My car has some strange malfunction and always stops when it sees a garage sale. Gotta do something about that...I really should get it looked at. Okay, okay, I'll stop blaming my car- you found me out-I'm secretly addicted..shh...don't tell anyone though, okay? Anywho- I have gigantiously (I don't think that's a word)large mountains of clothes on my boys dressers and I seriously need to get it all put away. I have pictures to prove the insanity of it all. I'll save them for 'Tackle it Tuesday' though...

Also- is it just us or does everyone have a drawer of some sort that looks anything similar to this?

*Notice the army man, CARS marker, and checks from our 'old' bank (from over a year ago). Who knows what other treasures I could find if I dug deeper!*

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Our Trip to Michigan!

I thought I'd share with you some pictures from our trip. Nothing real spectacular, but we had fun! It doesn't take much to make us happy. =)

Jonathan and Austin working hard at the Children's Museum in Grand Rapids. This was an okay museum, but I'd say the one we have fifteen minutes from our house is MUCH better.

The construction site...

A lighthouse (?) on Lake Michigan...they do have a prettier side of the Lake than we do. Notice in a few of these pictures the smudge on them. I had something on my lens and I had thought it was only on the LCD screen. Dumb I have it on some of our pictures for life! =P

The beach...beautiful.

I thought this was a gorgeous picture! I love,love,love the sailboat!

Tim and his boys...

Me and my boys...

I like this picture of Tim and the boys walking back to the car. I don't care for the fact that Noah is blurred out though. It looks like we are trying to pretend he doesn't exist or something...poor unwanted and unloved...

We got to ride the Coopersville and Marne pumpkin train! This was WAY cool!

Our very nice conductor...

Jonathan thought it was pretty cool to ride a real train!

Peeking out of the train window...

Me, Noah and Jonathan (who was obviously very deep in thought).

Tim, Noah and a very excited Austin!

Is it nap time?

He perked up once the music and signing started!

A comfort tractor- who would've thought...

The boys in an old school room. Noah was SO not happy about going to school! Way uncool!

Lastly, Tim and the boys on an 'non-working' old-time train.

Hope you enjoyed! Have a great Thursday! =)