Monday, December 3, 2007

No time to post...busy,busy,busy!

Unfortunately, my week is almost totally FULL! I have absolutely no time whatsoever to blog! =( I'm kinda bummed about it, but what do ya' do? We move this weekend and I have about ummm...well...95% of our packing to do still. I want to move- I just don't like the whole process of moving. Especially the packing. We also have our annual ladies Christmas party tonight and I had to make three dozen cookies for that. We have Awana Wednesday, a rehearsal for our homeschool groups Christmas program Thursday, and the Christmas program Friday (I have to make another three dozen cookies for it). Saturday there is a Christmas party we were invited to and we would really like to go . In order for us to do so we will need to be done moving by Saturday afternoon. Yeah, we have a pretty busy schedule this week...and get this- Tim stills wants me to so school with Jonathan! We did get it done today, but it wasn't easy. With all I have to do this week I just don't know how many days we'll get in. Hmmm...I really am wondering if I'll even get everything done that needs to get done...

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Morning Rose said...

I agree packing is the worst part. Fortunately, my hubby did most of the packing when we moved to our house. He used to work at Kmart so he was used to all that packing.

We have our ladies cookie fellowship this week too, but we're making the cookies at church instead of bringing them.

Hope everything goes well with the move. We're helping a friend move this weekend too.