Monday, March 31, 2008

My theme this week is-

NEW! Tim and I found some really GREAT deals this week! We spent more than we had planned to spend but we couldn't pass them up (the deals that is...). We had fun though....he,he! I thought I'd post a list of some of our new stuff.

First- Tim took me out to dinner at Red Lobster !
It was really tasty (I was in the mood for seafood) and the best part about it was- we got free dessert! Yay! I joined the Red Lobster club online and was able to print out a coupon for either a free dessert or a free appetizer. Cool! Too bad the dessert was pretty small for two adults. =( Oh well, it was still yummy!

Second- we bought a new leather love seat at JcPenney Outlet!

I love it! The best part about this purchase- we got it for $150! We had been walking through other furniture stores that day and the prices for a clearanced leather sofa were still around $600 to 1k! I was thrilled about this deal and just couldn't pass it up!
Third- we have really,really needed a new comforter set for our bed so guess what else we found at JcPenney Outlet ?! Yep, we also found a new comforter set! We got a king set and paid $54. It is very nice. It is super heavy, warm and cozy.
Fourth- I had gotten a $20 gift card to JoAnn fabrics (one of my most favorite places EVER!) from my secret pal at church. Sooooo..... I took a little trip to JoAnn's Saturday. I was able to buy a new wreath for our door. It was on sale for $20. I ended up paying $.99 out of pocket for it. I think it looks mighty pretty- whatta' you think? ;)
Fifth- I also took a little trip to Shop Ko- 'cause they always have awesome clearance items! I was able to find this cute little purse for $5...really, who could pass that up?! Well, I couldn't that's for sure...

Sixth (and lastly)- I made some new decorative items for our bedroom wall. These were so easy to make! It's pretty much fabric, glue and glass plates. They each cost about $2 (at the most) to make and you can't even tell that the print is fabric. Easy,easy,easy...they took me all of twenty minutes to make and then hang- seriously! I love them (they actually look better in person)!

Okay, I think that about covers everything. I did paint my kitchen too, but I thought I'd save that for my 'Tackle it Tuesday'. So, you'll just have to come back tomorrow to check that out! It looks so much better than before!

Oh yes, and I had to share some shots of my boys last week. I thought it'd be fun to show you how they dress themselves (when mom's too busy to care). Just be thankful we didn't leave the house that day (even though I would've changed them before leaving). Let's just call them creative shall we? =) Too funny...

Friday, March 28, 2008

No time...

to post anything. I've been busy painting, doing school with Jonathan and digging myself out of our mountains of laundry! I will be back next week. Until then- have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Waiting to go to church...
*I'm sorry I don't have anything more exciting. I guess it hasn't been all that exciting of a week.*

Monday, March 24, 2008

Best Shot and Meal Plan

Happy belated Easter everyone! Tim and I went down to my mom and step-father's house yesterday for a nice Easter dinner- we had also joined them at church. The meal consisted of ham,mashed potatoes and gravy, potato casserole, sweet potato casserole, corn casserole (!yummy!), broccoli cheese and rice casserole, rolls, a relish tray, strawberry pretzel salad and cake. It was so delicious! My mom and sisters did an excellent job! I only brought drinks. This is a first. Honestly, it was really nice to be able to come and just enjoy the food and fellowship. Tim and I had brought my brother (he goes to college about an hour away from us) and one of his friends down with us. They had spent the night the night before with us. Tim and I really enjoyed talking with them. We stayed up until 1:30 a.m. Saturday night watching a movie (which we all agreed was a waste of our time) and talking. Obviously, the next day was busy. We got up, got ready and then drove the hour and a half down to my parent's church. After the service was over we then drove to my parent's house (a half hour away), had some dinner and spent a wonderful afternoon with them. We then had to drove into the suburbs (of Chicago- about an hour and a half away) and picked up my husband's trailer (for delivering jobs) at my brother-in-laws new church. They had borrowed it to move this past weekend. We then drove the hour and a half back home. We pretty much made a big circle. It was allot of driving- about 5 1/2 hours! Once we got home Daniel and Courtney (yes, he's a guy) left and Tim decided he'd go into work since they have a job they have needed to get done. He left at around 11:00 p.m.- I hated having to spend the night alone again. =( Luckily, I was so tired I didn't care once I was asleep. Tim said that would happen (yes, I'm admitting he was right). So, here I sit. It's 10:40 a.m. and I haven't gotten much of anything done yet. I think I'm going to make today officially a 'lazy' day. We'll get the basics done but I'm not going to have high expectations about getting anything else done.

I'm going to give you an 'idea' of what our meal menu looks like this week. I'm going to try and use up allot of the contents of our freezer. Here's the basic idea-

Monday- Fish, rice and steamed veggies

Tuesday- Leftovers (I'm pretty sure Tims going to be gone)

Wednesday- Skillet meal

Thursday- Roasted chicken, sweet potatoes (either mashed or made into fries) and possibly rice (?)

Friday- Meatloaf, Au Gratin potatoes and steamed veggies

Saturday- Possibly dinner out (?)- if not, then possibly homemade pizza and movie night

Sunday- Unplanned...

1 of these-
Peanut butter and honey sandwich
Mac N' Cheese
Hot dogs

With 1 or 2 of these-
Carrot sticks
Sliced apples

1 of these-
Baked Oatmeal

And here's my best shot! I didn't take allot of pictures this week- so this is going to have to be it for now. Tim was tired after eating so much good food and crashed on my mom's couch! Aww...he's even cute when he's sleeping (with his mouth open...)!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My Etsy shop- ya!

Look what I finally opened! An Etsy shop! I have been wanting to open one for a while now and finally got it done yesterday. Now I have to start cracking on some new sewing projects. I'm hoping to throw a few burp rags together today. I plan on doing a 'boy' set and a 'girl' set. I thought of selling them in groups of three for $15. I think that's pretty reasonable. They last a long time and are very high quality. I only have three things in my shop right now, but I plan on changing that tonight. Anyway, take a look around and let me know what you think! =)


Wordless Wednesday- Memories

~This was taken when Austin was about 3 1/2 to 4 months old (he is 3 1/2 years now). This explains him (as a baby) so well. He was my calmest baby by a long shot. He would fall asleep wherever you put him. He was also my bald baby. He,he...wasn't his bald head adorable? He didn't get hair until he was well into his first year. Where does the time go?~

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Walking for Luke

I wonder if you can help me with a very special request.

I recently made a commitment to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation to help raise money to find a cure for cystic fibrosis (CF)—a life-threatening genetic disease. I made this commitment because as an Aunt I would like to benefit this foundation as best as I can. I am walking in honor of my nephew, Luke.

On June 14th, I will be participating in the walk held at Naperville's Riverwalk Grand Pavilion and raising money and awareness for the CF Foundation. As a participant, I have committed to raising $500. Which seems like allot but I know with everyone's help I can meet my goal.

Here’s where my special request comes in…I am asking you to help me meet this goal by making a generous contribution that will support the research and care programs of the CF Foundation and help find a cure for nephew, Luke. Luke along with 30,000 others like him need our help. It’s important for you to know that the CF Foundation is a very efficient organization and that more than 88 cents of every dollar of revenue raised is used to support CF research, care and education.

You can click here and it should direct you as to where to donate.

I would like to raise the money before the walk (June 14th), however, I will gladly accept any and all donations after that date, as well. Any amount that you can donate will be greatly appreciated and all contributions are 100 percent tax deductible.

I sincerely appreciate your support and generosity and I will keep you posted on my progress.

Thank you all so much for taking the time to read this!

Tackle it Tuesday- Frugality

I haven't had anytime lately to blog because I have been working hard at trying to make some money online. Therefor I haven't had any 'computer time' left for my blogging. I set up a Cash Crate account last night (at about 11:00 p.m.) and I now have $18.00 worth of earnings pending and another $2.75 that is cleared and mine (hey, that's more than I had last night). It takes some time and honestly I'm not sure if I'm doing it all right, but even if I make an extra $100 a month I'll be happy. I think I can handle that. I also have to start an Etsy shop today too. I have some past sewing projects that need to be sold. They've been sitting in my sewing room for awhile- I might as well get something for them. I've also been thinking of selling flannel burp rags or something similar also. They are easy to make and they are so much nicer than store-bought burp rags. I've only ever used my (or my mother-in-laws) handmade burp rags for my babies. I honestly wouldn't use anything else. Plus, I have a HUGE assortment of cute flannel fabric in my stock pile.

I've also been busy coupon clipping! I've never done this before and now I could kick myself for not ever taking the time to take advantage of coupons. I subscribed to the Chicago Tribune- just for the Sunday paper. I get a large amount of my coupons from there. I have also been checking out Money Saving Mom and she gives allot of different links and ideas on saving money. It's very interesting. I also started the CVS thing and LOVE IT! Here is an example of what you can save with coupons and your CVS card.

I bought (all items were on sale):
Dove body wash
Dial bar soap
Facial Tissue
Men's deodorant
1 Bic Soleil razor
1 package Bic Soleil 4 count cartridges
1 Crest toothpaste

Grand total before coupons, sales and Extra Care Bucks: $27.89

Grand Total after coupons and sales: $17.32

Extra Care Bucks back: $7.00 (to use at a later time)

I'm still trying to prefect this system. I'm getting better the more I do it. I'll keep you up to date on how I do in the future. Well, that pretty much sums up my 'Tackle it Tuesday'. Hope you all have a great 'Tackle it Tuesday' also!

Monday, March 17, 2008


I honestly don't have anything to write nor do I have the energy to write anything if I did have something to write about. So, I leave you this-
I bet you all are jealous you aren't married to this. And no, I don't know what he's doing here. I just know he looks ummm...a little bit....ummm...scary?! He's just so handsome...and he's all mine (yay....!)!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Just because...

(Excuse my in modest dress....I had a moment of weakness...)

I always did want my own team of sled much fun!

It turns out Jonathan really is 'Superboy'...! Who knew?!

Austin- my little cowboy?!

Yes, I am married to 'SUPERMAN'...oh, that explains why Jonathan is superboy...!

I always knew Noah would look cute as a monkey...

Thursday, March 13, 2008

No time...

I have been tagged about three times in the last month and I have failed to finish any of them. I'm really, really sorry. I honestly forget- my mind is so focused on other things. I thought of doing them today but I decided to go to my moms (about a 2 hour drive) for a visit since Tim is going to be spending the night at work tonight (yes, he does that quit a bit...). I've been sitting around my house way too much and I just needed to get away for awhile. I'm working on school with Jonathan right now so once he's finished I'll be getting in the shower and then we will be on our way. So, once again I will have to tell everyone that has tagged me that I'm going to have to put them (the tags) off until next week. I'm hoping I can even get to them then...we'll see. Have a great weekend (I don't know if I'll get back on here before the weeks up)!

*The picture is only here because I have a hard time posting without adding a picture or two. Jonathan took this of Noah and I yesterday afternoon. Noah had actually fallen asleep on me but soon woke up after Jonathan started taking pictures. I love my baby and I love when he falls asleep on me. Just so sweet...*

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Coble Family expecting triplets!

Wowza! Isn't God awesome?!

(Ha,ha...I tried posting this last week and it's just now showing up. That was weird to say the least...)

Wordless Wednesday....

My three quickly turning into men...where does the time go?

Jonathan, my handsome, natural-born leader...your humor makes laugh.

Austin, my gorgeous, charmer...your smile makes my day brighter.
Noah, my beautiful, inquisitive baby...your eyes melt my heart.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Finally! The recipe!

Okay, I'm finally going to post that recipe I was talking about last week. Sorry it's taken me so long. I honestly, haven't had much desire to sit at the computer and blog. I've been downright lazy the past three days or so. I don't know if I'm fighting something but I've been plain wore out. In fact, I'm shocked I didn't take a nap today. Anywho- here is the recipe. ~If you all haven't noticed I LOVE,LOVE, LOVE Mexican food! I was raised on eating tacos the authentic way- with fried corn tortillas, refried beans and charizo (Mexican sausage). No, we do not have a Mexican heritage (you could see that just by looking at me...). My mom had dated a Latino for awhile ( when she was pretty young- a long time ago) and thanks to him we have some yummy, authentic recipes...yums-su-yums!

Mexican Lasagna
1 1/2 pounds ground beef
1 onion-chopped
1 (16 oz.) can chopped tomatoes
1 (10 oz.) can enchilada sauce (red)
1 (2 1/2 oz) can chopped black olives
1 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp. garlic powder
1/4 tsp. pepper
1 cup small curd cottage cheese
1 egg
1 pound Monterey jack cheese
12 corn tortillas
1/4 cup veg. oil (if you choose to fry your tortillas first)
1 1/2 cups corn chips, crushed
1 1/2 cups cheddar cheese

Take the 1 1/2 pound ground beef ( I only used 1 lb) and brown with the onion. (Is it just me or does anyone else like the smell of meat cooking- especially beef?)

Once your meat is browned, drain. Put in back in the pan and add, tomatoes, enchilada sauce, black olives, salt, garlic powder and pepper. Let simmer for approximately 30 minutes.

While your meat mixture is simmering mix the cottage cheese and egg together. (Austin mixed mine for me. My kids love helping me in the kitchen!)

Layer in this order- meat mixture, corn tortillas (I cut mine in half), meat mixture, cottage cheese mixture, cheese, corn tortillas, meat mixture, cottage cheese mixture, cheese, crushed chips, and then your chedder cheese. Now you're ready for the oven...

Bake in a 350 degree oven for approximately 30 minutes and wah-la- enjoy! This made a good-sized 9x13 pan full and Tim and I polished it off in 2 nights! Oh, yes, Noah ate 3 helpings too! =P This stuff is seriously good!(Excuse the poor lighting. It's just my kitchen. It's fluorescent lighting and I strongly dislike it! It's horrible for taking pictures...just horrible!)

New post coming... soon as I feed my kids lunch, finish school with Jonathan, shower and get the kiddos down for a nap. I'm going to give you the recipe I promised last week for one of my favorite Mexican dishes! Yummo! Check back lata'!

Friday, March 7, 2008

That's interesting...
LogoThere are
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

Nothin' in my noggin'!

I am officially bringing up a blank when it comes to what to write for a post today. As you may have noticed a took a little 'bloggy' break yesterday. Honestly, it felt good. I was hardly even on the computer until the boys went to bed for the night. I then watched You Tube documentary videos until Tim got home (at 10:30 p.m.). Yay, good times...uhem. I did find a neat video that I wanted to share. I tried to post it on my blog, but it wasn't coming up. I'll try again later today. I think you'd really enjoy it.

My sister, Courtnie, came for a visit to let my boys see my nephew, Luke. It was nice seeing him (oh, and Courtnie too). He seems to be doing so much better. He is still a tiny, little guy but he'll eventually grow, right? Cf-ers usually have a hard time growing because they don't absorb food like we do. Luke's diet will have to be very 'high' calorie. As his doctor said- the 'dream diet'. He can have as much donuts,pizza, ice cream potato chips and fried food as he wants! The more fat and grease the better! ;) Lucky kid! Anywho- I made some homemade pizza for lunch and Court and I just bummed on the couch for a few hours. The boys had a great time with Luke and it was nice to have an excuse for taking a day off school. Mommies need days off too you know!

I have been in my house now since Monday night. I'm kind of getting to the point where I'd really like to get out and see 'civilization'- besides the wild hooligans I see every day- a.k.a my children. I've been a little bit paranoid because I don't want to drive on a ticket. Plus, our suburban needs it's plates renewed. I know, I could always do it online- which I probably will today. I've been waiting for some money or else I would've gotten them renewed sooner. Ugh...I think it is just crazy how much we give to the government! I mean really- think about it. Once you buy a house that house technically isn't yours. Even once you have paid the full and complete mortgage on your home you still have to pay property taxes every year! It's not a small amount either. I'm not totally against taxes I just wish they wouldn't tax you as much as they do. I would be for taxing a set amount when you first buy a house and then after you've paid that and the mortgage you're done. The house is yours and you're free of any future taxes. Then the house would officially and truly be yours. Sheesh- c'mon if someone didn't pay their property taxes the government has the right to take their paid- for- house away from them! I have a small problem with that...honestly, I do. So what do we get for paying property taxes and/or income taxes? The use of a library, public park or public school (which we don't use)? We still pay for garbage removal, water and can get fined if we don't shovel our sidewalks. Oh...that's right people can get food stamps, public aid, cash allowances and other such help. So basically, the rich and the middle class pay for the poor and/or ( sensitive subject I know) the unmotivated or lazy. Also- why do 'non' citizens get special treatment when it comes to government help? Do they pay taxes like we do? I don't know...that's why I'm asking.

Hmm... I don't know what you all may think but sometimes I have a hard time viewing our country as being a totally free country. Don't get me wrong- I love,love, LOVE the country I'm living in and I thank the Lord quit often for allowing me to be born and raised here. It's a great and wonderful country- we just ,unfortunately, have many weaknesses, flaws and corruption just like any other country. Anyway- sorry if I offended anyone. It's just something I was thinking about. It wasn't a rant it was just a thought and concern. I don't even know how I got on the subject. I know it's probably a sensitive one. Because Democrats are for raising taxes and Republicans are for lowering taxes. Clearly our country is divided so clearly this subject would be one of controversy. And yes, I know- reverence unto Caesar which is Caesar's- which we do. That's we we always pay our taxes whether we like it or not. Once again...just my thoughts and opinion on the matter of taxes. I'll stop now- because I know there are some of you who are probably upset with me. I'm sorry for that- I did not want to offend anyone. I guess there was something in my noggin' after all! ;)

I'll leave you with this cute little picture of Luke and Jonathan taken yesterday.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Wordless Wednesday~ Cousins...(and Uncle Dan)

*I know there are allot here, but I couldn't decide what ones I liked the best! Aren't they cute?*

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday and other 'things'...

Before I start my 'Tackle it Tuesday' I'd like to share my thought for the day...or week...or month...however you'd like to look at it. Here it is: Why do Police men make you feel like a criminal when they pull you over for 'speeding' (when you honestly did not know you were speeding. Hey, I thought it was 55 not 35 zone- seriously! I was going 48...sigh.). Also- why don't I ever get warnings? Everybody else does! It's not like this happens to me allot! (Second ticket ever...first one in over 2 years) Ugh...

Before and after shots of my sewing room. I would cringe every time I set foot in here. The door would always stay 'shut'. That way I'd forget about it. ;) Well, I finally decided I needed to 'tackle' this nightmare of mine. It was just awful- as you can see in the pictures! I rounded up my the two oldest boys and we got to work. You know- young children can be an immense help when cleaning and organizing. They're are good trash-throwers and they can put things where they need to be. My two oldest help me allot with picking up, organizing, throwing their clothes in the dirty clothes, Jonathan sometimes vacuums, they also will wipe down my kitchen counters when asked and they love to 'help' me cook and bake. Anyway- they helped me accomplish my 'tackles' yesterday. We got both rooms done in about and hour. Not too bad...and yes, it took me this long to finally get my sewing room done. It's truly, very sad...I know.

Before and after shots of the boy's room. You can't tell by these just how much organizing I really did. It was more 'cluttered' then it looks in these pictures- honest.

Also- a quick prayer request (AGAIN). My sister's (my 'other' married sister) baby, Chloe, is in the hospital. She had a high fever yesterday and Cassie took her into the doctors. Her fever had reached almost 105 degrees and so they admitted her. All I know is that her white blood cell count was over 300,000 and they had tested her for the flu and it was negative. They were (as of last night) still in the process of figuring out what was going on with her. I've tried to call Cassie this morning and see what's going on and if they've figured anything else out, but I haven't been able to get a hold of her. Once I hear something I'll let you know. I don't know what it is with our kids and being in the hospital...sheesh!