Monday, March 31, 2008

My theme this week is-

NEW! Tim and I found some really GREAT deals this week! We spent more than we had planned to spend but we couldn't pass them up (the deals that is...). We had fun though....he,he! I thought I'd post a list of some of our new stuff.

First- Tim took me out to dinner at Red Lobster !
It was really tasty (I was in the mood for seafood) and the best part about it was- we got free dessert! Yay! I joined the Red Lobster club online and was able to print out a coupon for either a free dessert or a free appetizer. Cool! Too bad the dessert was pretty small for two adults. =( Oh well, it was still yummy!

Second- we bought a new leather love seat at JcPenney Outlet!

I love it! The best part about this purchase- we got it for $150! We had been walking through other furniture stores that day and the prices for a clearanced leather sofa were still around $600 to 1k! I was thrilled about this deal and just couldn't pass it up!
Third- we have really,really needed a new comforter set for our bed so guess what else we found at JcPenney Outlet ?! Yep, we also found a new comforter set! We got a king set and paid $54. It is very nice. It is super heavy, warm and cozy.
Fourth- I had gotten a $20 gift card to JoAnn fabrics (one of my most favorite places EVER!) from my secret pal at church. Sooooo..... I took a little trip to JoAnn's Saturday. I was able to buy a new wreath for our door. It was on sale for $20. I ended up paying $.99 out of pocket for it. I think it looks mighty pretty- whatta' you think? ;)
Fifth- I also took a little trip to Shop Ko- 'cause they always have awesome clearance items! I was able to find this cute little purse for $5...really, who could pass that up?! Well, I couldn't that's for sure...

Sixth (and lastly)- I made some new decorative items for our bedroom wall. These were so easy to make! It's pretty much fabric, glue and glass plates. They each cost about $2 (at the most) to make and you can't even tell that the print is fabric. Easy,easy,easy...they took me all of twenty minutes to make and then hang- seriously! I love them (they actually look better in person)!

Okay, I think that about covers everything. I did paint my kitchen too, but I thought I'd save that for my 'Tackle it Tuesday'. So, you'll just have to come back tomorrow to check that out! It looks so much better than before!

Oh yes, and I had to share some shots of my boys last week. I thought it'd be fun to show you how they dress themselves (when mom's too busy to care). Just be thankful we didn't leave the house that day (even though I would've changed them before leaving). Let's just call them creative shall we? =) Too funny...


Kathryn said...

Wow! Now THAT sounds like a great weekend!

Keisha said...

You got such great deals. That leather love seat is gorgeous and the price was fantastic !
I love clearance deals too, we should shop together sometime. :o)

Keisha said...

P.S. I love that plate idea too. I'm going to try it.

Morning Rose said...

It's so fun to get new stuff. I'll have to remember to check online if we go to Red Lobster. My hubby would love a free appetizer. We also have leather couches and they last a long time. We got a down comforter for Christmas for around $30. It's kept us warm this winter.

Donna(mom24boyz) said...

I love the JC Penny outlets--we shop at ours a lot! You did great!

I too signed up awhile back with Redlobster and got the same deal--they also send you something when your birthday approaches! We also signed up with Captain Ds and I get coupons about once amonth from them for things like a free peice of fish, etc. They also gave us each a free dinner for our birthdays. My husband and I have our birthday's back to back so these online coupon deals made a great deal for us on our birthday! So be sure and haveyour husband sign up too!

Fire Hunt said...

I love the JC Penny outlets, you can get good deals. I like the love seat. I am going to do the plate thing for kids class at my church.

JC Penney Outlets said...

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