Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Our camping trip.

We so much fun on our camping trip! If you don't camp as a family I recommend you do it- or at least try it. We camped at a beautiful western Wisconsin state park (Wyalusing State Park). We had beautiful weather the whole time! It was amazing- it wasn't even hot...at all! As I said before, we brought our bikes along but unfortunately only used them once since the park was so extremely hilly that is was just too much for us to handle. My mom, Bethany (my sister) and I did go on one hike, but allot of the trails were closed due to mudslides. Tim, Bethany, the boys and I went go-carting, toured an old mansion, and went canoeing (the boys stayed back with my mom for the canoe trip). I also played a little tennis with my mom and Bethany- I haven't done that in years! It felt wonderful to be outdoors and to be active almost all day long. The boys had a blast! They got to run and be outside all day. They got to roast marshmallows every night and cook supper over a campfire. They got to be boys- pure and simple. If you have boys camping is almost a must...well, in my humble opinion it is. ;) Here are a few pictures from our trip- hope you enjoy!

(Our camping site with our new (to us) camper. We love our camper!)

(Another view of our camper- that slide-out dinette is awesome! It gives you so much more space!)

(The mansion we toured.)

(The gate leading to the mansion. The grounds were beautiful!) (My boys...)
(Family picture.)
(The boys in front of the artisan (sp?) well.)

(Jonathan found a creek and a stick.)


(Tim and his 'mini-me'.) (Bethany at the fireworks.)
(The beautiful sunset.)
(Noah and Aunt Bethany overlooking the ridge at sunset.)

(Our campfire.) (Tim on the way home. Don't you love his white spot? I do. )
(Austin on the way home. He had asked to have his picture taken, and yes, I see that he has his seat belt on wrong...naughty boy.)
(My Noah...what a happy baby.)


Cassandra said...

Too cute! I finally got to see what you have been up to! I want to see you guys soon- I miss you! Love ya lots, Cass
(and feel special that I wrote you a note, because I have a ton to do. we all slept in, (until 9 !!!) and the girls have dentist appointments, and we are going to go swimming at my inlaws, and then I have to go to Curves, and tan, and drop Bethany off from 5-7 at a flute thing...pant, pant. See? I have alot to do. And I have to be out of here in two hours. Just shows how much I love you. = )

4 Little Men & Twins said...

looks like you had a great time! We love camping too... it's so much fun.

have a great day


jesnicole said...


Donna(mom24boyz) said...

Glad you had such a fun time. My second son has a white spot too. His on the tip top of his head and he gets a zillon comments on it. When we first discovered it, I would sort of cut it out. Now that he gets soooo many comments on it--he is like "Dont touch my white spot!" He loves the comments. But I can't believe how many people have asked me if I dye it! I have been told it is a birthmark...we have always told him it is "God's Thumbprint on ya!"

Jamie Lea said...

I never thought I'd like camping but looking at your pic's has me wanting to give it a try :-) Looks like great fun.

Brittany said...

aww looks like so much fun!!! :)

Lisa (Morning Rose) said...

Glad you had a fun camping trip! It's nice when the boys can be outside all day long.