Thursday, February 26, 2009

Someone's growing up!

Jonathan lost his first tooth the other night. I can't believe he's old enough to be losing teeth! I can't believe I'm old enough to have a child losing teeth! Too surreal...

Another one is already popping up!

Yep, he's pretty happy about it!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Just pictures...

I'm so blessed to have these boys in my life! (You can consider this my early 'Wordless Wednesday')

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Just stuff...

Sorry that it's been so long since I've posted. This week has gotten away from me..and it got away fast! Tim has been home so we've taken advantage of the time we had to get things done. We received our tax return money last Friday and we've been diligently researching and purchasing things we've been needing for some time now. It took us 2-3 days of shopping to get it all done. Fortunately, we were able to find some really good sales and haven't had to pay full price for anything we've purchased. One of the things on our list...our long list...was to buy me a laptop all my own. We were able to find a good price on one. I'm pretty happy with it so far. It's one of the cheapest you can buy but it is much better than what I was using so I'm happy. ;) We were also able to order Tim a new PC and we are waiting for it to arrive. It should be here by next week sometime. Among the other things we bought was a harddrive video camera (ours broke a few years back), a mattress for Noah, a GPS system we found for 75% off at Sears and I was able to order a crib from Wal-Mart. We were also able to pay off our one and only credit card (we have 3-4 but have not used them for years!) with a balance and get up to date on all our bills. Amazingly, we have quite a bit of money left to put into savings. Which is good considering Tim is still without work. We'd really like a bed and to pay off our suburban but we've decided it'd be wise to wait until Tim goes back to work (anyone looking to hire a very talented and experienced custom woodworker?!!!). We need a little bit of some financial cushion right now...just in case. Oh yes, I forgot- we had to buy a new DVD/VCR player because some little person broke our last one. =( Blah...I detest buying things...especially big's so out of mine and Tim's comfort zone. We are savers by nature. Yet, these are things we've been needing (okay...and a little bit wanting) for quite some time. When else to do it than tax return time?! Did I mention that we'll be getting more back from 2007? Yep, that's right. Our accountant last year made a mistake and we never got child tax credit for Noah. We were able to file an ammendment and so we'll be getting even more back in a couple weeks (yay!). All of that will be going into our savings account. I'm so thankful the accountant we hired this year caught it. In fact, last year I had mentioned ot Tim that I didn't think we ever got credit for Noah and come to find out we didn't! Ha! Every once in awhile I'm right! =)

Last weekend was wonderful! My church had a Valentine's banquet and all of my family was able to come- along with Tim's parents. We had twelve total- 6 couples. My parents, my sister and her husband (and their son-the Luke man), my brother and his fiancee and my baby sister all either got a hotel room or stayed at our house and came to church with us in the morning. We were able to spend all of Sunday together. It was a nice time of fellowship- I am so thankful to have such a wonderful family!

My pregnancy is going well. I'm getting huge and uncomfortable. I've been experiencing some swelling. Mainly when I've been on my feet allot. Yuck...I don't like swollen feet and legs! This morning I woke up with a severe charlie horse in my calve. That's what happens when I forget to take my calcium before bed! (I just had to stop and change the most disgusting diaper I think I've ever changed!!! I mean that too!) He has been squirming more than really kicking lately. I think that might be due to him running out of room. I'm looking forward to meeting this little guy. Only about 9 1/2 weeks left! I'm hoping and praying God gives me a calm child this time around. Jonathan was high maintenance, Austin was a very laid back baby and Noah was also high maintenance like Jonathan. So I'm kind of hoping we continue the pattern and this baby is calm and easy going like Austin was. God knows I need a laid back baby! So far, this baby seems calmer in utero than Noah was (that kid never stopped moving!!!). I guess I'll just have to wait and see. I think adjusting to four will be easier on me than it was adjusting to three. Now if I could only get Noah potty trained!!! The kid refuses to even sit on the potty...I have a feeling we're going to have quite the struggle in the future. A struggle this mom is not looking forward to! I do NOT enjoy potty training!

School is going well. We are pretty much on target to be done before the baby is born. Even though this year has gone smoother than last year I'm still thinking about switching curriculum for the next school year. I'm still trying to find the perfect (or near perfect) curriculum for Jonathan. That's one wonderful thing about homeschooling- you can find what's best for each of your children. I'll be starting Austin too. I have a feeling he'll be slightly easier to teach than Jonathan. He loves to learn and loves to do school. It's amazing just how different my children are! I love getting to know each of them individually. They have such unique interests and talents. Just amazing!

Well, I have to get going. I have four bags to make and I'd like to at least get them all cut out today. I also have school to do with Jonathan yet so I really need to get busy! It takes so much motivation for me to get going on sewing but once I've started it's hard for me to stop. I'm just weird like that. ;-) Anyway, maybe I'll post some pictures of the finished bags...I think they'll turn out cute!

Oh, did I mention we get to go to Medieval Times Saturday for Tim's birthday?! I had a coupon for buy one get one free so we're able to get four in for the price of two. How awesome is that?! I'm really looking forward to's something I've always wanted to do. Should be fun...I'll let you know how it goes.

Monday, February 9, 2009

I love a good deal!

Look at what we got! I have been looking for a good stroller/carseat system and had a list of 4-5 that I liked. Well, Friday night Tim and I stopped in to Babies R' Us and we were checking out a stroller system I had seen online (I think the most expensive one on my list). While we were looking it over an employee just happened to be unpacking the latest model (the differences between the models are pretty insignificant). I happened to ask her if she sold the floor models. She told us they did and told us the price for the floor model was $130 (it was $269 originally!). Tim and I decided to take it! We weren't planning on buying anything until our income tax return came (should come this Friday-yay!) but we couldn't pass the deal up! The final purchase price for this bad boy was $113 with tax! Come to find out we got it for an extra 20% off since it was a floor model- coolness! God amazes me at the way he provides- even for the things we want and don't necessarily need. I guess we just happened to be in the right place at the right time...or maybe not...maybe God planned it that way. ;-) Did I mention I got a beautiful maternity coat at Old Navy for $10 last week also? It was originally priced at $88... I love it when I find sales like that! And this is why I've never been able to pay full price for anything!

Monday, February 2, 2009


Why can the boy's playroom be completely picked up one day and the next day look like this? Grrr...I think it's time to go through their toys again and start throwing things away! This momma can only handle so much mess! (Fortunately, we can close this room off from the rest of the house!)

Why do I always have a few piles of folded laundry on my couch? I also just started another load and have a few more to do yet. I think I do about 10 loads a week! Oh well, I don't mind much these days. I LOVE the smell of laundry detergent in my late pregnancy days! Am I the only pregnant woman that could seriously sit with a bottle/box of detergent on her lap and just sniff away all day long? Seriously weird...but I've had a laundry detergent obsession with every one of my pregnancies. I'm also starting to get obsessed with eating ice chips. I've also done that with every one of pregnancies. Strange, but true. Am I alone when it comes to my pregnancy obsessions?! Just curious...

Oh boy, are boys messy....this is their room. They clean this room every, single day! How do they manage to destroy a room within a matter of hours...errr...I mean minutes?! (I'll have you know that we all cleaned this room up after I took the picture. It looks allot better now!)

At least there is always (usually!) one room in my house that's clean and in order. I love my kitchen! Notice my red accent wall? It adds so much to the room. I hope to get hardware and crown molding on the cupboards soon. I'm thinking maybe we'll use some of our tax return to get it done. That should make a big (good) difference. I love putting our little stamp on our home!

At least I got our bedroom looking decent again! I thought I'd share a picture since I've never shown one of our bedroom. I haven't done much to our room. It's still cozy and inviting though. All the furniture (minus the nightstand) in our room was made by Tim- even the shelf above our bed. We also have a cradle in our room which you cannot see-it's beautiful! I am married to a very talented man! Now if I can only get him to make me a headboard and foot board for our bed!

Did you notice my ticker?! I am now officially in my third trimester! How exciting is that?! In honor of today's milestone I thought I'd share a belly picture (28 weeks). Yes, that is a maternity shirt. I think I might have outgrown it- what do you think? I've also gotten into the uncomfortable stage. I had to go myself a body pillow last night. It helped. I got a better nights sleep. Of course, I still woke up about three times to go to the bathroom. Sigh...I know that will only get worse before it gets better. He's also a somewhat active baby (not as much so as Noah was...thank goodness!) and likes to put his little feet up in my ribs at times. Ouch! What a stinker... ;-)