Monday, November 16, 2009

I'm back...maybe...

Okay, I know. It's been forever. I honestly, just haven't felt like blogging the last couple months. Once I'm done schooling the boys, cleaning the house, doing the laundry, sewing, ect. I just don't have the energy to sit down and write a post. Plus, I've never been a gifted writer so sometimes writing is more of a chore than a hobby. Just not my thing. I'd rather sew, decorate my house, cook and bake than write. Blah. I should share some sewing projects I've done but my camera is full and I haven't taken the time to free my memory. Plus, my laptop's hard drive crashed on me and that's where my photo editing software is. I have some video of the boys I would love to share too but I haven't figured out how to get my videos on to the computer. A few things that have happened in the last couple months are...
~ We celebrated Noah's 3rd birthday! He's growing so well (50th percentile for both height and weight) and is talking SO much now! He's been fully potty-trained for 4-5 months (lost track of time) now and has been such a joy! He loves to wear his cowboy boots and cowboy hat all the time- even when he's sleeping. He LOVES to draw and color! He almost always has a crayon and paper in his hand. He loves and adores his momma! He'll come up and tell me through out the day that he loves me and that I'm the 'bestest' mommy ever! Also- we ran some blood work on him last week to make sure everything is where it should be and everything came back normal! This is awesome considering everything he went through the first year of his life. Praise the Lord!

~Tim and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary! God has given me a wonderful husband and I'm truly thankful for the 8 beautiful years he has given us together so far! Can't wait to see what God has in store for us in the upcoming years!

~The boys and I took a trip to Tennessee in October for a family wedding. It was an interesting trip and it opened my (and others) eyes to the control issues one of our family members has. I won't get in to it but it was interesting. Some people just need to realize that they cannot have control over everybody and everyone at all times. They also need to realize that the world does not and will never revolve around just them and only them. Nope, never has, does or will...EVER! I did get to spend some time with other family members that I haven't seen for awhile though and that was nice.

~Grant turned 6 months old! I can't believe he has already been with us for over half a year! It's going way too fast! He is now crawling and just yesterday we had to lower his crib because we came in and he was standing up! He is such a huge blessing and a wonderful addition to our family!

~Speaking of which- I'm down to my pre-pregnancy weight. There are pros and cons to this though. One huge con is that once I hit a certain weight my milk production seriously decreases. Sooo...Grant is on bottles now. =( I do still try and nurse him about three times a day but I don't know how much longer that will last. My milk supply is going and going fast. I know a lot of pro-nursing women would frown upon me giving him bottles but I ultimately had to do what I felt was best for Grant. Some women just need to realize that every woman is different and just because they never had a problem with producing doesn't mean everyone is like that. I wish I could produce more because I would nurse until my babies were at least a year old. In fact, I always plan to but my body always has other plans. Oh well, he's healthy, happy and growing and that's really all that matters. Oh, and by the way, I was NOT dieting! The weight came off on it's own.

Well, I think that about covers it. I want to post some new pictures soon so I should be posting again soon. Hope all is going well in blogland- I've really missed it!