Friday, February 12, 2010

Please Help!

I am walking this year in the Naperville Riverwalk walk for Great Strides. I need your help though. I have set a goal of $500 to help aid in the funding for Cystic Fibrosis research. They are so close to finding a cure and it would be sad if they were never able to find it in my nephew's lifetime because they were under-funded. If you can't afford to donate the least you could do is sign up to walk in a Great Strides walk close to you. Or you could try to get people to donate to this great organization. Please help- Cystic fibrosis is a devastating disease that no one should have to suffer from. Click here if you are able to donate or walk. We appreciate every penny that is given! Thank you!

*Quick update on my nephew, Luke. He was just in the hospital this week to get a g-tube placed. He hasn't gained weight in over a year and so they thought this would be the best course of action to get his weight up. It's very important for CF patients to be at a healthy weight. His surgery went well and everything seems to be going smoothly with his nightly feedings. Please keep his parents (my sister and her husband) in your prayers though. This is just another added thing they have to think about and another thing to add to his daily regiment. He already has 2 vest treatments (at the minimum- more when he's sick), enzymes before all meals and snacks, nebulizer treatments and sometimes IV treatments. Plus, they have to care for his 7 month old sister, Ana. I know the prayers would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!*

Monday, February 8, 2010

Conversations with Grandma

My sister and my 83 year old Grandma (who has dementia) came and stayed with us while my mom and stepfather got away for their anniversary. My grandma says the funniest things at times. Sometimes not very nice things but (as bad as this may be) we couldn't help but laugh even at the mean things she's say. She had a bad day Saturday and wouldn't let Bethany take her to the bathroom, change her, feed her, give her medicine (aka medical drugs), ect. She was mad at us for making her get out of the car (we had taken her out in the afternoon) and she held a grudge all day. We had to get creative when it came to giving her, her medication. She also doesn't like Austin for some reason and told him to 'shut up', cussed at him and tried to spank him once. Austin just smiled, shook his index finger at her and told her, "Nu-uh, Grandma!". She can be so mean! She has always been a little spit-fire so this doesn't come as a surprise to me. Anyway, a few of the things she said were:

After I told her I liked her shoes she responded by saying, "Yes, my mom mows them." Hmmm...really, Grandma? That's rather interesting.

She had tried taking all my towels (that had been folded and were sitting on the couch) and was carrying them around. I was able to get all but one of them away from her (I didn't think it would hurt to let her have one). She was carrying the one, lone towel around and she looked down at it and said, "Well, this is just depressing. I only have one, old towel. And it's mine!" Okay, Grandma, you can sleep with it if you want. Just please, go to bed now!

After we gave Grandma a cup of tea to settle her down she pushed her empty cup aside and said, "Well, that was some bum coffee!" I'll bet it was- because it was tea not coffee.

After Bethany convinced Grandma to let her help her get ready for bed she was sitting at the table (after drinking her bum coffee) and I could see was feeling her gums with her tongue. She got a confused look on her face and stated (the obvious), "I seem to have forgotten to put my teeth in today."

When my cousin came home and sat at the table with us Grandma looked at her and said, " It looks like you've been jamming some weed." Ashley just responded by saying, "Thanks Grandma."

Grandma also told Ashley that her lips were 'slipping'. Whatever that's supposed to mean.

We also had conversations with Grandma that are better left un-repeated. Uhem...oh Grandma! Can't live with her and you sure can't live without her! What a character!

I'm Human

And I'm a sinner and I'm having hard time being joyful today.

I was up three times last night with a sick baby.

I got up for the day before the sun did and so did Grant (I'm NOT a morning person!).

The kids are crabby!

Tim's gone until tomorrow.

My washer is broken and the laundry is growing at a very, fast rate.

Jonathan has been working on his math for three hours now.

I have one HUGE hole and five smaller holes in my wall. (This really bothers me- I'm a perfectionist and everytime I look at the holes I cringe and feel disgusting.)

Tim started remodeling our kitchen.

Tim still doesn't have a full time job- hence the remodeling.

My shower drain is clogged.

It's cold out and I'm sick of Illinois weather!

My nephew (Luke) is getting surgery today to get a g-tube placed.

I am wore out with the responsibility of caring for 5 kids during the day and I have cabin fever.

I need a vacation....somewhere warm and quiet, and with just me and the husband.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What a day...

So far we've had:

1 diaper give out

1 bottle of milk spilled and dumped all over a crib

1 potty accident

10 (give or take) meltdowns

1 washer broken (and an expensive one to fix too!)

7 changes of clothing for various reasons

1 dumped can of mandarin oranges

1 smushed banana scraped off the floor (because ,of course, I didn't find it until it dried!)

2 kitchen clean ups

5 crabby children...

...and 1 very crabby and tired mommy!

Hopefully this day will end better than it started and hopefully 6 people will be taking nice,long naps today!