Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Boys Drink Tea Too

When you have a fever and sore throat hot tea is a must!
A perfect cup of tea (in my humble opinion) is first made with water heated in a kettle.
And then a 'Bedtime Stories' tea bag is added to the hot water.
Let it steep for a few minutes.
Add a generous amount of honey.
And let the steaming liquid sooth your sore, aching throat.
My boys like to sip theirs like little, old ladies. ;-)


Dianak said...

I am about ready to give birth in 5 weeks to our 4th daughter..... I enjoy your blog and understand your Strength and struggles. I hope things work out for your husbands new job. It will be a good adjustment for you all. Thanks for your encouragement through your blogging Sarah.... If you wonder who I am you can email me at I am not posting too much personal info...

My Life With Boys said...

I just figured out who you are! I will e-mail you tomorrow...right now it's off to bed! ;-)