Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Patience has never been something I was blessed with. Yes, I must admit I may have a bit more than some people. I do have four boys after all! In the grand scheme of life though I was not blessed with a large amount of it. I remember, as a child, sitting in Sunday school listening to my teacher tell the story of Jacob and how he wanted to marry Rachel. He was willing to work seven years in order to have her. I was in awe that someone would be that patient in order to marry someone they loved. I was then even more awed when he was given Leah (Rachel's older sister) after his 7 years were up. He once again agreed to work 7 more years to get Rachel. Talk about dedication and! Fourteen years of waiting and working for the woman he loved! Anyway, I remember thinking there is NO way I could wait that long. Of course, I was a child so seven years seemed like an eternity to me! Now, seven years is still a long time but not quite as long as it seemed then. Anyway, the point is this...I am not very patient! The funny thing about this is that God has consistently been putting things in our life that has caused us to be patient and wait on Him. This is not easy for me. I know God knows my weakness and He has been trying to teach me for years now. He has caused me to wait many times. I have been 23 days late with having a baby. I have had 24+ hour labors. We have gone 1-2 months without paychecks. We have been un-employed for 6 months at a time. We have lived in a camper trailer for 8 months. We have lived in a basement apartment for 5 years. We struggled with a failing business for years. We've had a baby with failure to thrive and did not receive answers as to why he did not grow. (We never did get a reason as to why he had the problems he did. He was just healed...I think God performed a miracle. The doctors are still baffled to this day.) We have a son with Aspergers. My husband has had to make several job changes and even a complete career change. We have lived our married life waiting, trusting and leaning on God. We are constantly looking to Him for answers to our questions and for guidance for our next steps, choices and paths we take. We have found ourselves once again in 'limbo'. Waiting for Him to tell us what we should do. We are unsettled with some current circumstances yet so many things need to take place before we make another move. Things need to happen but only God can make them happen. We don't know what we should do and how we should go about doing it. We need answers and once again are turning to God to give them to us. We do not want to make hasty decisions and be out of God's will. We only want what he wants....but what does he want? This is the question we have been asking Him a lot lately. Lord, show us what to do...we are willing and able. We only need the green light. I know sometimes God's path for our lives is not the path we would've chosen. My husband would have never chosen to be a truck driver (he was a custom woodworker). We would have never chosen to have a son with Aspergers (that child has been an incredible source of joy to us). Our life has taken so many twists and turns it's unbelievable. Yet, I see God's hand in it all. He has been there every step of the way. He has held our hands through out it all. He has heard our prayers and given us the desires of our hearts. Now though, we find ourselves at a spot where we are left trusting in Him again. He will give us an His time. Until then...we will keep praying, trusting and waiting. We are being given a lesson in patience...again.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

20 Things

I saw this on a couple of my friends' blogs and I thought it looked like fun. Plus, since I do not have much else to post about I thought I would do this just so I could post something!

20 Things I do NOT miss:
1. Braces
2. Puberty and the hormones that go with it
3. Dating- especially because we had supervised dating
4. Mom's Saturday cleaning days
5. Goulash
6. White bean soup (blach!)
7. Early bedtime
8. Culottes!
9. The 90's and the frumpy clothing fashions
10. Being poor....oh, wait...we still are! ;-)
11. Being in the hospital with a sick baby
12. Drama...oh wait, that still happens too... =/
13. Being in our own business
14. Living in a camper trailer for 8 months (even though the mice sure loved living there!)
15. Swollen feet (due to pregnancy)
16. Watching my father struggle for every breath he took
17. Being so sunburned my whole face blisters
18. Tent camping (especially in the rain)
19. The aftermath of getting wisdom teeth extracted
20. Dial up internet

20 things I DO miss:
1. My dad
2. My Grandfather
3. My Aunt Pam (yes, she passed. I will write about it soon.)
4. Not having to worry about bills, finances, ect.
5. Spending a week at a time with my cousins
6. Camping and tromping through the woods for HOURS
7. Crawdad fishing with my cousins
8. Late Sunday nights at my house with our best friends 'line dancing'
9. Sleepovers
10. Delivering a baby and getting to know a new little person
11. Pregnancy and the excitement that surrounds such an awesome experience
12. A newborn baby and the way they smell and melt right into you when you hold them
13. Vacations
14. Late night talks with my sisters
15. Eating whatever/whenever and never gaining a pound
16. Being a size 2-4
18. Swimming in a creek at family reunions with my cousins
19. Water balloon fights!!!!
20. Picking strawberries from our garden when I was a kid

(I realize that almost all the things I miss involve my childhood. Fortunately, I had a wonderful childhood. Thanks to God and my wonderful parents!)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

We Survived

I have had allot going on in my life and have been wanting to blog about some of it. I just don't know how to explain it all in words. So, I have avoided blogging until I can sort everything out in my head. So much on my mind, so much to think about and so much to pray about. So many things I want to write but no way of knowing how to put things delicately. So I will leave you with these pictures of our recent blizzard. It so insane that my sister ,who lives 60 miles south of us, had thundersnow! We might have had some too but Tim and I were watching a movie and might not have heard it. Anyway, we got quite a bit of snow. It came up to about Grant's chest/neck. It took Tim a couple of hours to get our driveway cleared of it all! It was just crazy...I don't think I have ever experienced something like it before! By the way, I am So ready for Spring! All this snow is for the birds!

Check this video out! We live about 80 miles west of Chicago. This gives you a pretty good idea of just how much snow we got! Just crazy...