Tuesday, March 1, 2011


It's amazing...just how content one can be...when they 'choose' to be...content. I remember not too long ago how I struggled with this very thing. About a year or so ago I was struggling with my role as mother and wife. I felt I was above this simple role and that I was meant for something more. I was falling into the trap that the world has set. The lie that being a mother and wife is not enough. That ,as a woman, I have the right to be happy. I had the right to be something 'important'. That being a full time mother was something that only the uneducated and lazy women do. I didn't realize just how important my role as wife and mother was or how much being home will and has impacted my children's lives. My being home and giving my full attention and time to my boys is telling them that they are important. That they are worth the investment. That they are worth my sacrifice and selflessness. Since embracing my role I have become quite content, happy and satisfied with my job as wife and mother. I have opened new eyes to the importance of my existence and have seen the benefits of my constant presence in my boys' lives. I have changed my attitude and it has changed my overall happiness. I now find great fulfillment in cleaning, cooking, baking, doing the laundry, teaching my children daily and being my children's constant source of comfort and love. I still have my days but they are fewer and farther between. I have turned my focus on the blessings in my life and have tried to keep a positive attitude about the negatives in my life. I do have to say that the more I see the positive the less I see the negative. Yes, life is not always a bed of roses and I know the hard times are not over but when I keep a positive outlook those hard times aren't as despairing as they could be. I also know that I will always struggle with my human desire to be more....accomplish more...make a name for myself and have an 'identity'. For now though some dreams, goals and desires of mine will have to wait. My kids are more important. They need me, they need my attention and time. They are only kids for a short time. I will have plenty of time to fulfill those dreams of mine...when they are grown and gone....fulfilling their dreams.

(I do not judge anyone that has to work outside the home. Just because I don't doesn't mean that it's for everyone. Everyone has different circumstances, ect. impacting their decision to stay home or work.)


a joyful nusiance said...

I would love to stay home and be a joyful mother to my children. Really. It is something that I have been thinking about alot lately.

Kat said...

Contentment is a huge gift from God. It really is. I have recently been extremely grateful for my role as mother too. I have been embracing it and enjoying it a lot more, and I'm so glad.

Anonymous said...

wonderfully said :)