Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Extra Money

It seems we never have enough of it (extra money, that is). I feel my place is at home BUT I also feel like I need to contribute financially some how...some way. I have been racking my brain trying to figure out exactly how I can do that. I know how to sew BUT I really do not want to sew diaper bags, ect. to sell. It takes the fun out of it and honestly, diaper bags can be a pain to make. If something goes wrong then it really goes wrong. Clothes are even worse. You have fittings, ect. to worry about and it's just ick. I almost feel like you can't get your moneys worth out of it. No one would pay me what I would ask if I did it full time. Sewing takes a lot of time and concentration. I guess now with my two older boys in school it would be easier for me to fit it into my schedule but I'm just not sure if I decided to go that route what I would even want to sew. It would have to be something that is easy to cut out and put together but very desirable to customers too. I see some of the products offered by some stay-at-home moms and I am intimidated. Wow, there are some talented moms out there! I do have an embroidery machine so I could personalize things. I could maybe do a package of burp rags, hats and slipper shoes? Something along those lines....maybe even put it all in a homemade bag? Hmm....just trying to figure something out. Since my energy is coming back I have found that I am itching to do something! Tim and I sat down and did our budget (thank you, Dave Ramsey) Monday and we are,so tight and even just a little money would help us out tremendously! I need suggestions, ideas, motivation and encouragement! I do not have the option of working outside the home right now (especially with baby joining us soon) and so my only option would be to find something at home that I could do. If you have any all...let me know! I consider anything...well, almost anything! ;)


titus2mom said...

Sarah, pray about it and see where God leads. Your diaper bags are really beautiful and you could go on to do purses too. Cloth diapers are also a hot item as I see some online. THey just weren't my thing....Praying for you as you are expecting your sweet girl and busy with the boys too. I understand money being tight and for me I have zero talent to help with making stuff for extra $$ at home. Have you considered maybe doing peoples mending and such? I know there's fittings etc., but with that you would keep from getting lonely too and people would be stopping in. I have a friend who she has done work for local dry cleaners (zipper replacing, etc.) Also look at what Facebook has done for Luann in her business...I think she's propsering with the link she has there. I don't know if you'd be able to go that route. Extra money is nice and I wish I could make it for us, but I chose to just be Frugal and shop Aldi's and be careful with what we've been given.... It's so hard! I hope to see you when we are in TN the end of MAY!

Erika said...

Here's what would be fun (to make more money). You could VLOG on youtube. You would get paid ( you said even a little bit helps). You could do tutorials on your bags and other things you sew. You could also update goings on with your pregnancy. People will "tune in" to watch. And, maybe before even baby comes you would have many subscribers! I know it's a new thing and you may be a more private person on video than in black and white, but you could also keep it private and only invite those who also follow your blog. Just a suggestion. I LOVE your family. I've followed your blog for quite a while and you and I are so much alike, it's crazy! Prayers for you and yours! God is GOOD!!! Congratulations on your expectation! Blessings!