Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Update on Baby Girl

I figured I should get on here and blog...something. I always have thoughts running through my head but I don't always have the easiest time putting them all into writing. I am just not gifted that way. Nothing really earth shattering has happened so there's not a whole lot to post about. I had my 20 weeks scan a couple weeks ago and everything seemed fine. I didn't care for the tech I had. She was quick and didn't communicate anything me the whole time. I had to read what she was writing on the screen to even get an idea of what she was looking at. She seemed uninterested, unexcited, annoyed and cranky that she even had to be giving me an ultrasound. Like I was a nuisance or something. Which is sad, since we are paying for that ultrasound! I never had a good tech with my last pregnancy either. I don't understand why it's so hard for people to just be friendly! I hate when I feel like I am just a number/another patient and not an actual person. Anyway, a week before that I had my first appointment with my midwife. She seemed nice enough. Maybe a little nervous or shy? Which was surprising to me but she seemed fine. The nurses were very kind though. I appreciated that. They were also the first ones to NOT make me take a gestational diabetes test on my first appointment. With my last three pregnancies they have made me take the test when I told them the size of my babies. Even after telling them I have never tested positive for diabetes. Oh well, I'm not one to argue so I always agree to it. No big deal...I know it's going to come back fine (and it always has!). I have my next appointment next week. I am afraid of how much weight I will have gained between my visits. I tend to gain around 5 pounds a month. I hate it but it seems to be out of my control. I just gain a lot of weight when I'm pregnant...usually about 40-55 pounds. It's insane! Thankfully, it doesn't take me too long to lose it. Within a month I usually only have about 10 pounds to go. Within 2-3 months I'm usually 3-5 pounds from pre-pregnancy weight. I hope it will be the same way this time too. I can't afford to have the extra pounds stay! In fact, I would like to be more fit than I was when I got pregnant with this baby. Anyway, that's a whole other post for another day. I will post some pictures of my most recent ultrasound. Sadly, we didn't get a whole lot of really good shots. Once again, the tech didn't seem to care or take the time to even try to get me any good pictures. Go figure...


The front of her stomach and face.
You can see her ribs, arms and part of her head. (This one is from my 17 week scan at the clinic)

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Stephanie said...

I've had some good U/S techs and some not so good ones. I wonder if it's just because they do it all day long so it's just a job to them? I also know with the one insurance I had their tech's weren't allowed to tell us anything about the US. The midwife called if there was a problem.

I'm glad everything is going well with your baby girl. :-)