Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Approaching a New Year

As I reflect back on the year, 2011, I am amazed at just how much has changed and happened in our lives. Since I haven't written a blog post for awhile I figured I'd write a short post on the happenings of our 2011. For the sake of time and ease of readability, I'll post them in bullets.
  • Last year at this time Tim was once again without a job. He was able to find a short term resolution and the Lord provided as He always has and does.
  • Tim started a new job with a different company in January. This allowed him to be home everyday and thus helping with my sanity. ;)
  • We started seriously thinking about moving south. We had a strong feeling that we did not belong where we were and God was moving our hearts to a different area of the country but to where?!
  • My dear aunt, Pamela Posternack, passed away. She fought a battle with breast cancer courageously and with determination for several years. Her moments before death were remarkable for all who were with her in those precious last moments of her incredible life. It was a true testimony of God's realness. I was not there but I was told by those who were that is was something they will never forget. I was also told that if you had previously doubted our Savior's existence that you could not after witnessing what they witnessed in that hospital room. Truly incredible!
  • My mom and stepfather took a trip to North Carolina to go to a Nascar race. On the way there they stopped in Chattanooga, TN. My mom went to a women's conference and ended up befriending the lady who sat next to her. The lady invited them to attend their church that coming Sunday. My mom and stepfather did decide to go to her church on Sunday and were asked out to lunch by a couple there. Once they got talking over lunch they discovered that their daughter and my parent's daughter (me) went to church together in Illinois. My mom told the man that her son-in-law (Tim) just started trucking. The man gave my mom his phone number just in case Tim wanted to contact him in regards to trucking (this man is a truck driver also- has been for years and years). Mom told us the story and this got Tim and I thinking about Chattanooga. We also discovered we already knew some people living in that area. Small world.
  • Tim and I decided to take a trip to the Chattanooga area and see if we liked it. We flew in the beginning of April. We stayed at the house of the couple who took my parents out for lunch when they had visited the area. We were very grateful for their warm hospitality (we still are!). Over those few days we had a wonderful time of fellowship with some very dear people. It was so refreshing! Tim and I hated leaving but we had 4 boys we needed to get back to.
  • Tim discovered there was a job opening with the trucking company he was working for in Chattanooga. We prayed about it and decided we wanted to try and see if he could get it. He told the Chattanooga terminal manager that he would like to transfer and he was told he may not be able to because another man wanted the position (he had been with the company longer than Tim). We pretty much decided it probably wasn't God's will. Shortly after, we received word that the man could not take the job at this time and that is was Tim's if he wanted it.
  • We took a trip to Chattanooga once again to find a rental home. It looked bleak but we ended up finding a small home in a beautiful, safe area the day we were leaving (almost literally on our way home). We discovered that this town has the best school district in Hamilton county. This was a huge answer to prayer since Tim and I had been debating about putting our kids in public school. We were going to homeschool again if the school district we lived in was not decent. This was our answer and we felt an extreme peace about making this huge change in our boys' education.
  • We came home and quickly start working on finding a tenant for our home. It took a few weeks but eventually we found tenants we felt comfortable with- 3 mature, female, medical students. So far, we have had no problems and they seem to be taking care of our home just as well as we would (if not better).
  • We packed up and headed out the same day my brother came home from Iraq. God worked it out so I was able to see him before we headed south. The timing really was incredible!
  • We fought rain the whole way down but we made it safely the next day. (The rain was a blessing in disguise since we soon found out the ac in the car had not been working.)
  • We got a hotel room since it was too wet and rainy to unpack the truck. The following day we were able to move in.
  • A month and a half later we discovered we would be adding a new addition to our family. We were a little apprehensive but extremely happy. I started to battle extreme nausea and fatigue. I was kind of a big wimp about it since I had never experienced this with my other pregnancies. My gut was telling me it was because it was a girl but I tried not to let myself believe it.
  • The boys start public school for the first time! It took Jonathan a few months to adjust but he finally got used to things and now both the boys are doing amazingly well. I could not be happier with our decision to send them to school. Their education is very advanced and they are doing things that they wouldn't have been able to do if they were still being homeschooled. They have greatly excelled in almost all areas! Jonathan has been writing books and reading has become a new passion of his. He has also been improving in his math skills and has done several book reports, ect. Austin's reading has improved greatly and he is getting almost near perfect grades. Austin's 1st grade class just did a project on Australia. They had to research the country every night for a week and answer various questions about the country. The stuff the class did for this project was way beyond 1st grade level but they did it anyway! I was extremely,extremely impressed!
  • Tim started a new job with a different trucking company once again. This job has been a good move. The pay is better and the benefits are amazing! He originally had to be gone for 5 out of 7 days but that only lasted a month (thank goodness!). He has been on a velocity run now for a few months. He goes to Nashville every night, works the dock for a few hours and then comes back to Chattanooga. This has been great since we are able to see him every day. Life is so much easier when daddy comes home every day!
  • We went in for a free ultrasound given to me by a friend. We discovered we will be adding a GIRL to our family. I was a bit unsure since I was only 16 1/2 weeks along but it was later confirmed not only once but two times via ultrasound.
  • My dear grandmother passed away. I was unable to attend her funeral due to lack of finances but my family was still in my thoughts in prayers and I was there in spirit.
  • We took a trip back to Illinois in November. We had Thanksgiving with family and had a fabulous time! We hope to take another trip up this Summer.
  • My great Aunt Cleone passed away. It happened quickly and I think it took a lot of us by surprise (it did me anyway). She was a dear woman who loved the Lord greatly. She will be missed but we are so thankful she is free from pain and suffering. She is now in the presence of the Lord!

Well, I pretty much think that sums up our year. Our year has been one of great changes but it has been good. We have had days of sadness but also days of great joy. God has blessed us beyond what we deserve. We have developed many new friendships recently and we desire that those friendships will only deepen as time goes one. We are very confident that we are where God wants us and we couldn't be happier. We have been attending a wonderful church with wonderful people. We just wish we lived closer (it's 70 miles round trip). We hope to move from our mountain home after school is done. We need to be closer to everything/everyone! So yes, this year has been pretty crazy/great! We are hoping that 2012 will be just as wonderful. We know it will not be free of trials and hardships but among them will be blessings and good times too. We hope your year was a great one too...we wish you many blessings in the year 2012! ( I wish I had some pics to share but my camera is broken and we still have to fix it. Hopefully it will be fixed before baby comes!)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

25 1/2 weeks

25 1/2 weeks- taken Sunday. (I really need to get my camera fixed!!!!)